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Lock gate

The lock chamber gates are motion shutters which separete the lock chamber from either the uper dock (upper gate) or lower dock (lower gate), or they divide the lock chamber in two parts (middle gate).



  • Cover gate – is sheped as a double-side asymmetrical flaps rotating round a horizontal axis. This gate is designed to enable direct filling or emptying of the chamber: thus the by-pass pipe with other shutters is eliminated. The control is hydraulic-from the lock chamber pillar.
  • Butterfly gate – is folded downstream and mechanically controlled from the pillar or supported by a couple of hydraulic motors connected to the pumping unit.


  • Strutting gate – has two gate winds rotating round an axis. Every gate wind is controlled by one hydraulic motor. The gate wind function is resolved with filling and emptying by-passes or shutters directly in the gate wind structure – butterfly or check gate blinds.
  • Lock chamber exchangeable gate – is made of several types of mutually connectible plates of different heights. The plates are fitted into vertical grooves of provisional stop logs. A high dismountable gantry crane is used for handling the gate.

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